what is we build smart
We build smart is a Human Point service that consults you on the best implementation way of your project by blending minimal architectural design with sophisticated construction methodology. Our major goal is to develop architectural solutions saving as much space possible, meaning that we struggle to come up with smart and minimal architecture, so as to guarantee 100% functionality in limited spaces, resulting thus in lower construction cost!
Once again..."less is more"
what is our input
Our team evaluates all the characteristics and particularities of your construction project, as well as your functional requirements. We examine several factors ranging from economic and climatic, the location and area, a feasible timetable etc. in order to come up with the best construction method suitable to your project considering mostly the ratio: function/space. Our final proposal is accompanied by an analytical work schedule and all relative expenses, so that you can have full control of your project from day one.
which construction methods we use
Human Point’s team of engineers and collaborators plans, supervises, and constructs according to the standard construction methods, but also, by applying new and contemporary technologies. Below, there is a brief description of the construction methods we use.

a) ICF technology:
It is a highly recommended technology by our team and consists of constructing the shell of the building by reinforced concrete through the use of icf molds. This technology ensures insulation, fast completion and low cost construction. Energy wise, the buildings are classified as A. An important advantage of this method is the fast completion time of the construction. For instance, a two-floor building of 250m² requires 4 months to be completed without being a prefabricated method.

b) SIP technology:
This technology is a prefabricated method quite popular around the world. Its main advantages are the high bioclimatic insulation capacity (energy class A), the low construction cost and the extremely fast construction time.

c)  Conventional construction:  
It is the classic construction method consisting of columns, beams and slabs of
reinforced concrete and masonry walls of bricks and plaster. This method provides a sense of “security”, especially in Greece, since it is considered a traditional construction method.

d) Metal buildings:
These buildings are composed of a metal framework and masonry walls of various materials. The advantages of this method are the fast completion time and the relatively low construction cost.

e) Wooden buildings:                 
These buildings are prefabricated and are composed of a wooden framework and masonry walls of wood mostly or other materials. The advantages of this method are the fast completion time, the very low construction cost and the characteristic wooden aesthetics.

f) Composite construction:
This construction involves the combination of some of the above construction methods.
to whom we address
This service is addressed to those who are interested in constructing a building by selecting the most appropriate, fastest and cheapest method, best responding to their needs and particularities of their project, based on a thorough study and evaluation of all parameters. Eventually, to those who want to build smart.