Human Point was founded in 1996 – initially established as “Loukas Fotopoulos Architects” and renamed into Human Point in 2008 - by the architect Loukas Fotopoulos, as a continuation of his father’s – Eleftherios Fotopoulos- architectural office.
Our Philosophy
Human Point emerged as a “live” tank of people (employees and clients) that is constantly enriched.  Its main goal is the creation of a think tank that produces ideas and thoughts based on principles around a human perspective. Its philosophical point of view is anthropocentric, with a strong belief in collective work and evolvement, as well as, in the personal input and responsibility for creation, functionality, aesthetics and eventually a contribution to a better society…
Our Practice
Our ideas are deployed in the design and construction of spaces, urban areas, buildings and   residential complexes, as well as, in multimedia and film productions. We are a small, but creative, company that combines the know-how and knowledge in architecture, construction, construction development/consulting, new technologies and film productions.
Specialized Structure
Human Point is specialized into three Sectors
Design And Construction of Buildings

The company has designed more than 100 projects amounting to a total of more than 30.000 m² (see projects/selected)
In particular, with regards to houses, over the last couple of years, we have worked on a research project named
house income which is subsidized by the European Union. Projects that have been successfully assigned to our office involve the design of house typologies for large housing complexes of up to 300 houses.

Finally, through the use of our service
we build smart, we try to respond to the socioeconomic and housing context of our country by proposing housing solutions based on economy of space and construction costs.

Real Estate Development - Investment

The experience we acquired so far, offered us the necessary tools to operate in the area of project development for small housing complexes addressed to private or corporate buyers and to propose to our clients, through our latest service invest greece, to invest in the construction of small country-housing complexes with several business incentives.

Creative Presentations - 3D Photorealism

Longing to present our projects in the best possible way, we created a separate presentation sector. We offer b2b services on presentation of architectural ideas and concepts based on 3d photorealism and other methods, among them “the” most impressive architectural filmmaking. It is about a cinematographic presentation method through which the building becomes the first actor of the film!


We think first, then we execute
We spend time in thinking and studying a specific project, and then we simply execute. Besides, what is material always submits to the spirit.
We propose what you really need
We listen carefully and evaluate your needs. We propose what you really need in the most efficient and effective way. We point directly to our target. So, get ready to abandon the idea of a 100m² bedroom, or the idea of a 30’min. 3d video over tile installments!
We utilize new technologies
We train and get informed daily about new technologies. We use the most upgraded and sophisticated software, we build smart with pioneer methods using new materials, and we find the best financing tools available.
why us?
Apart from the typical characteristics and criteria expected from a company with several years of experience in its sector, the staff of Human Point has also managed to achieve the following
human perspective
A philosophical background around every proposal considering “the human perspective”
multicolor work
The development of projects throughout the fermentation and composition of  ideas coming from several scientists and technicians of different disciplines leading in complete, elaborate and “multicolor” works
International experience and way of thinking. Offices in Athens and in Munich. Costumers and specialists collaborators from all over the world.
value for money
Competitive prices as a result of tight management and operation services in Athens
high tech
Software skills in every sector operated such as Allplan, 3dmax, After effects, Lumion, Photoshop, Premier, Avi + contemporary hardware and production high end equipment