What is “architectural filmmaking”?
Architectural filmmaking relates to the most impressive presentation method of an architectural project. It is not to be confused with architectural visualization. It is about something grand, a balance between realism and abstraction that creates a desire to be “there”, even when “there” doesn’t exist yet- especially when “there” doesn’t exist yet. It is a sort of architecture motion design, or even, project animation. It is the outcome of the collaboration between two of the greatest forms of art, Architecture and Cinema.
What does this service offer you?
Our high expertise and know-how in architecture, technology and filming enables us to create a unique short film starring the building you have designed. Your idea becomes a movie star.
How do we do it?
We take your architectural plan in 3d files or any other file format. Further you explain us your goals and what you want to emphasize. We study and create the script of the short film and we send it to you. Once you agree, production begins. Based on the script, we start with the shootings of the place where the building will be built, or any others needed according to the script. We then develop 3d photorealistic renderings and a 3d animation film for the building itself. We choose the music, we make the first cut including photorealistic, animation and shooting material and we send it to you. If you agree, we proceed to the final production of the short film. We send you the final short film which can be used by you as a high level presentation to your clients/partners, or as a web advertisement, or as a TV/cinema advertisement.
So stay in touch and…action!