What is “house income”?
House income is the title of a long and ongoing Human Point research that focuses on the design of houses and buildings that generate revenues. Revenues in this case can be generated through the following: sale of energy produced by photovoltaic systems, sale of agricultural products, product processing and assembling services, garbage management, governmental subsidy programs etc. Houses, in particular those in rural areas, apply perfectly to this project idea. For instance, a 150 m² rural cottage in a 4 acre plot, may offer higher revenues than the monthly loan installment needed for the construction of the cottage.
What we are trying to do is to find a way to respond to this bad economic environment and convert your construction project into a revenue machine. In other words, your house can become a contemporary, domestic profitable undertaking. Your own, personal business...
What do we offer?
We elaborate the details of your estate, such as, the total area, the dimensions, the location etc. Then, we examine your needs and the most suitable construction method. Finally, we propose the best revenue generator solution applicable to your project followed by an analytical business plan that will enable you to monitor your revenues and expenses from day one.
To whom do we address?
This service is addressed to property owners, mainly in residential and rural areas, who intend to construct a house or building. It is also addressed to property owners who wish to take advantage of their estate not only construction-wise but also business-wise, by creating a profitable business unit able to generate revenues minimizing construction costs.